Feb 7, 2017

How do I get sponsored Part 1: What do sponsors want?


Edited: Feb 7, 2017

"How do I get sponsored?" is easily the question I am asked the most. And I just want to say, GETTING SPONSORED IS NOT EASY IN AMATEUR RACING. That said, the first step to getting sponsored is understanding what potential sponsors are looking for. Here is a quick list.


1) Viewership: How many people are watching you race? Sponsors want to reach as many customers as possible. The more people that come out to watch your races, the more likely you are to catch the attention of sponsors.


2) Talent: Are you consistently winning races? Keep in mind that sponsors want to associate with the best drivers, which means that your chances of getting sponsored are much higher if you put up winning results.


3) Exposure: There are a million ways to get exposure in today's world, so just putting a logo on your race car is really not going to cut it. Sponsorship deals today offer much more than putting a logo on your car and if that's all you have to offer it will be an uphill battle. You will need to think of creative ways to offer potential sponsors exposure if you want to get their attention...


Stay tuned for how do I get sponored part 2, where I will explain different ways you can offer exposure to your sponsor.