Read about how to start, what equipment to use, where to go and how much it will cost!

Chirag Sharma
Feb 15, 2017

I want to know that how much money is needed For karting per year.And if i am a good kart driver then how much i have to pay to sponsors to become f4
Feb 9, 2017

Hey Zach, you said 99% of racers get started in go karting. I was wondering about the other 1% and how they get started. Are there other ways to gain popularity without getting involved in the go kart
Feb 9, 2017

Just want to know how I can get to where you are, driving all those sick and fast ass luxury cars and boats. Need that lifestyle!
Feb 7, 2017

Just like any sport, there is a pathway for drivers to follow to get to the top of the racing ladder. In this post, I will cover the first, and most basic step to becoming a pro driver, which is go ka
Chirag Sharma
Feb 15, 2017

I want to know that which thing is most difficult while we do karting or f4.Speed or handling or anything else.
Feb 9, 2017

where and how do i start racing what gear do i need ?
Niotis Simoens
Feb 8, 2017

Do you need a friend for a day/week/life time?! 😂 No i'm kidding (secretly not), how can you handle the crazy luxury lifstyle? You have everything when ever you want, you have everyone their dream li